Frequent Asked Questions

How to use Blossom LED medicine Cabinet?

Please refer to our video tutorials. Dimmer, Color Temperature Adjustment Video Tutorial, Digital Clock, Temperature Diplay Adjustment Video Tutorial

How can I get price or inventory for BLOSSOM products?

Our price and inventory are only available to our authorized dealers, if you are an existing dealer, please login to see price, inventory, ETA, etc. Interested in becoming an authorized dealer?. Please Click Here.

How to remove BLOSSOM vanity’s drawers?

Please follow our drawer removal instructions. Click Here

How to pull out Valencia vanity drawer?

Please follow our instructions. Click Here

Can sink’s overflow cover be replaced with other finishes instead of Chrome?

Unfortunately no, right now we only carry Chrome finish.

What’s the measurements & rough-in size for BLOSSOM LED Medicine Cabinets?

For detailed LED Medicine Cabinet measurements and rough-in size, please refer to our detailed diagrams. Click Here

What does L or R mean in the LED Medicine Cabinet SKU?

L means hinge on the left side of the LED Medicine Cabinet. R means hinge on the right side of the LED Medicine Cabinet.

For Colmar vanity, can the handle be changed? What’s the center to center measurements for the handle?

The handle can be changed, the center to center is 12-5/8″.

What height should the wall hang vanity be installed at?

Normally, the bottom of the vanity to the floor should be 12″ to 15″.